by V.A.

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released July 14, 2013



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Track Name: Abyss A.D. - Reap and Snow
We got caught in the eye of the storm
while a cold breeze erodes the fragile fields we've left
Feel the weight of the world
and the sky melt down to our knees
Not even the heaviest flood could wash away our dirt

We sold our souls
to survive
We gave our souls
for a war we can not win

The world we one knew turned into black and white
So viciously
We lie bound and gagged, there's no escape this time
Watch the world melt down to our knees

We sold our souls
to survive
We gave our souls
for a war we can not win

The coldest chill took reign of our minds.
I see no change, no salvation,
when we still chain ourselves
Track Name: The Poor Devils - F.Y.I.D.
Please help me I need your help
The bar will end in 10 Minutes
You smeel like sweat and fucking beer
You are just a poor devil

I just drink to bore my life
And all i wanna do is have some fun
One more beer I still have thirst
If you don't like it just fuck off
Fuck you I'm drunk
Fuck you I'm drunk

Please snatch up for tommorows work
You owe me about 100 €
Go now home further I call the police
You are just a Poor Devil

A Day without beer is a hazard to the health.
Track Name: Sending Lights - Friendship
I see these people burning down to ground
I see them mending in anger and control
Do you know what friendship means to me?
Do you know how it feels inside?

This is my life
This is my pride
These are my friends for all this time
I will fight for them with all I have
This is friendship
Track Name: Dearest - Eleven
It´s this never ending fight
Between my heart and my mind
My mouth is begging for truth
But my lips are closed too hard
My tongue has never burnt that much
But I better swallow everything I feel
Should I be honest to myself?
Or should I just prefer the easier way?

It feels like bombs are ticking in my head
Just a few seconds to destruction
But your deep breath keeps me calm
And put out the fuze for the very last time
My heart seems to beat slower
And my mind stops fighting against me
The closer your arms surround me
The easier I do really understand
- Who I really am

Hopes don´t seem to be far away anymore
Dreams are becoming real this time
The light is shining brighter and longer
And I start to realize
Things have never been what they were supposed to be
Reality is not what it seems to be
You gave me the power, you gave me the strength
That I can use my tongue in the words of my heart

Thanks for everything
I will never lie to myself again
Track Name: All Thats Left - Until the End
Dressed up asshole,
I don’t care, what you wear!
Fashion changes, but our hearts stay the same!
Oldschool, newschool,
We’re all stuck in this game!
Brothers, sister, we’re all the fucking same!

We will never fit your scheme,
This is who we are – til the end!
Proud to be an underdog,
Take this oath – fuck you!
Back off fashion motherfucker,
We will never join this game!
Rather unheard than part of you,
We won’t fall, we won’t fall!

You don’t believe in us!
We won’t hoist the colors you do!
Our flag’s still fucking black!
My storm’s a-coming!

Hardcore, Punkrock,
I don’t care what it’s called!
Our scene never should be split up by styles!
Sold out, ruled by some,
Clothing empire scum!
Now that I’m out, I see the lie you live!

We will stay true,
As one with our friends!
Dedicated – until the end!
Sworn to a cause,
Not to a trend!
Dedicated - until the end!
The message is clear,
We will never bend,
Dedicated – until the end!
Track Name: Kontinent - Veränderung
Umso mehr, desto weniger... -Verblendung!

Es macht mich krank, wie sichdie Meisten hier aufführen.

"Man kann doch eh nichtsändern", sagst du und zuckst mit den Schultern.

Ich sehe das jeden Tag! Ihrblendet euch jeden Tag!
Wir legen Tag für Tag den Rest Moral ineinen Eichensarg!

Zwei Jahre hat sich meine Wutgestaut, bevor ich diese Zeilen schrieb. Es zerreisst mich nicht zuwissen, wie viel Absicht hinter dieser Blindheit steckt!

Die Augenzu, die Ohren dicht, der Mund voll Schwachsinn, wenn überhaupt.

In jedem von uns liegt dieVerantwortung – für Veränderung!

Es macht mich krank, wie sichdie Meisten hier aufführen.

"Man kann doch eh nichtsändern", sagst du und zuckst mit den Schultern.