#1 The Poor Devils - S​/​T

by The Poor Devils

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#1 SDP
The Poor Devils - S/T [2013]


released June 15, 2013



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Track Name: Get In Line
Draw a number.
and get in line.
Shut your mouth.
and get in line.

I heare your voice my brain exploding.
what the hell, have I done
Steady you want something from me
But my time is limited so get in line

I can't stop the time - I'm no healer
I can't also cut me in two parts
If you want something from me draw a number and get in line

I do this and that, but where stay my own life
I'm no waste disposal for you
Keep your problems by yourself
Shut your mouth and leave me alone

The line get long, long and longer
I'm not anymore your arselicker
Search you an new Idiot, my time is over
I have enough to do to leading my own life
Track Name: Denial
I can't stop.

I make a denial out of my life
I wanna change me but not today
Setback for Setback, it's my big love
I want amand me, but I just can't

Denial – an unwanted
Denial – a failing
Denial – a reject

It's my fault which comes to my ruin
It's the drug from which I can't escape
It sheet my future, It sheeted my past
But I can't still spare on it, cause it's my love

I wanna change me – I need a change
I wanne change me – but not today
I wanna live my life, wanna drink and fight
I want amand me but I can't stop
Track Name: Antisocial
I'm not very kind, a desolate fall
I see all things sober how they are
I'm cold, my heart is trapped in a cage
I also hate society

I'm foul and bored
and a fuck drunkard
My feelings are froze, are trapped under ice
I'm soulless, heartless and inhumanly

Everybody hates me
Excepting me

People who like me I trample under foot
People who believed in me I just disappointed
I think just of myself, I'm the central point
I give a fuck on others, cause just my opinion counts

I'm foul and bored
and a fuck drunkard
My feelings are froze, are trapped under ice
I'm soulless, heartless and inhumanly
Track Name: No Shame
Sometimes an Angel, often a devil
on and off human, but always me.
I don't wanna hear how you want me,
I don't shame myself, it's always me.

I don't change me for anybody
I don't change me for anyone
I know my strength and I know my faults
So take me how I really am – or fuck off

I don't care what are saying about me,
I give a fuck how you seeing me.
All I know is that my friends stand by me,
and that is the only cause which counts by me.
Track Name: Bootstrap
It's a cold and dying world
think of nothing but oneself
We don't have a rosy – FUTURE

You must swallow the bitter pill
Having regrad for nothing
Today just counts SURVIVING

Can you help me?
No you must bootstrap

You can't get help from anyone
If someone helps you it's a joke
Everyone want's the bigges profit

It's a cold and dying world
think of nothing but oneself
The principle: Eating or Dying
Track Name: I Have Enough
You rip my heart, and you kicking it.
First I recover, than another hit.
Now I can say, you just a witch.
You are a Person, which I never kent

I HAVE ENOUGH – Go, go, go away
I HAVE ENOUGH – I hope it's just a dream
I HAVE ENOUGH – Take him and attain happiness
I HAVE ENOUGH – You both are died for me

I Idiot have always trusted you,
It was a fault, but now it's too late.
You told me, don't worre all gettin well.
But you are just a skulking pig.

You was my luck, my everything
today I know, you're just shit
you was my life, you was my soul
today I know, you are just suck
Track Name: Poor Devil
Just Poor Devil
Allow me to introduce
This is what I was
This is what I will
This is what I am

I'm trapped in my life
plans for my future are scare
I fight and fight but
There is no change in sight
There is no hope in sight
So please ask yourself
Have I choosed this life?

I drink smoke fight
To escape my pitful life
Every Night is just a experience of life
And the difference between me and you
You babbit marionette
And I like what I do

This is what I smell. hear. see. feel.
Track Name: F.Y.I.D.
Please help me I need your help
The bar will end in 10 Minutes
You smeel like sweat and fucking beer
You are just a poor devil

I just drink to bore my life
And all i wanna do is have some fun
One more beer I still have thirst
If you don't like it just fuck off
Fuck you I'm drunk
Fuck you I'm drunk

Please snatch up for tommorows work
You owe me about 100 €
Go now home further I call the police
You are just a Poor Devil

A Day without beer is a hazard to the health.
Track Name: Nothing Changed
We are the next generation, Punk is our life
We are just a few but we're here to stay
It's our decision, we never change our mind
For us it's not fashion, it's our way of life

Punk's not dead, Punk's not dead
It was and will never extinct
Punk is here and it's here to stay
nothing changed, Punk's not dead

We don't care about what you say, we don't care what you wanna hear
We live our own life without any rules
The music the noise, Punk is our Voice
For us Punk-Rock will never sale out

We are the next generation, Punk is our life
We are just a few but we're here to stay
It's our future, it's our way of life
we don't care the others, we keep it alive

Keep it alive. Keep Punk alive.
Track Name: Outlaw Crew
We proud when you call us antisocial
We feel vidicated when you say we are just scum
We enjoy this thime, have nothing to lose
Beware here comes the Outlaw Crew

Here comes the unique - Outlaw Crew
Here comes the notorious - Outlaw Crew
Oi! Oi! Oi!

We sleep by day, we live by night
Every night is a different fight
We half human and half a beer
Beware we are the Outlaw Crew
Track Name: Life Goes On
Salvation, and mercy you scream to heaven
This cannot the truth it must be a fake
You did not pay attention for one time
It was your fault whole you can't turning back

Do not surrender now
And please don't giving up
It was not your intention
Life goes on Brother
Life is too short to cry
And throw up the fuck burden
You already bear the consequences
Make the best of your life

You want erase the day from your memory
You often tried but you can't managed it
Nights you wake up always bather in sweat
It was your fault whole you can't turning back

Stand up now your life goes on
Stand up now and moving on from
Stand up now you have just on life
Stand up now and taking the chance
Track Name: Problems
I finish the school, I want a job
Shitty situation on the labour market
A friend of my mum can serve me with work
I say kindly thank you I can do it alone

Thanks, I need no help
I solve my Problems alone
Thanks, I am not a kid
I solve my Problems alone

I'm so drunk and can not walk
The party ends faster that I would like
My Buddies help me to get up
I pull me away "I can do it alone"

I don't have enough money to pay the rent
My mum offers me to fucking help
I decline their support with thanks from
Do you think I can't do it on my own

I fall and fall, allways on the snout
I'm young, silly and wide-eyed
I thought I could solve it alone, do it own my own
but my Problems are not solved, worse they are grown

Yes, I need your help
I can't solve it alone
Yes, I am a kid
I can't solve it alone
You can't solve it alone
Track Name: Unknown Way
We're scared of life
Cause it's a road to nowhere
A crisis end
But the next begin

An unknown way
No security
No fix crutch
In this world
We're scared of Life
No Uplift in sight
We pursue an
Unknown Way

One day we needed
And the next we are trash
On day we seeked
And the next we're dismissed

We progress
On an unknown way
But one day
We hope of better times
We never give up
we never give in
We leave it behind
The unknown Way

An unknown way.